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DevOps and Microsoft

DevOps is the union of people, process, and products to enable continuous delivery of value to our end users.

Start your DevOps project on Azure

Azure, any cloud, on premise

Simple continuous delivery to Azure, other cloud providers, hybrid or on-premise infrastructure, for any target technology, including Linux, Kubernetes, Windows, iOS, Android and others.

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Our tools and yours

Use Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), Azure Application Insights and/or Jenkins, Terraform and your tools to plan, deploy, and monitor your apps. All with enterprise compliance, security and reliability.

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Use any language and IDE

Build your applications in your team’s favorite language—Java, Node.js, .NET, PHP, Python, and others, IDE—IntelliJ, Eclipse, VS Code, VisualStudio and others, and DevOps toolchain, both Microsoft and OSS.

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DevOps tools you get with Azure

Set up a pipeline to Azure in minutes

Azure configuration screenshot

Configure a full CI/CD pipeline for any Azure app with choice of your language and application framework in a few simple steps. Set up your release with built-in tasks for Azure and Azure Stack. Deploy to websites, Service fabric, Docker container orchestrators, virtual machines, and more. Use our streamlined experience to configure deployment workflows for applications targeting Azure.

Infrastructure as code

Azure Resource Manager defines your infrastructure through declarative templates rather than scripts so that you can repeatedly deploy, manage, and monitor all the resources for your solution, with secure role-based access control.

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“Acceleration comes from faster provisioning of development resources and from reallocating engineers from standing up infrastructure to developing new customer engagement models. With nimble cloud infrastructure, GEICO can improve the customer experience at a faster cadence.”

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Use our built-in tools and bring your favorites

Use standard templates and leading extensions to make your toolchain even more robust.

Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery

VSTS automates the build, testing and deployment of your app. It gives you complete traceability to see everything in the build including changes to your code, reviews, and test results. Deliver more value to your users with more frequent deploys at higher quality.

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“Microsoft made it really easy to break outside the silos […] and tie the DevOps process into the fulfillment of business process. Without the tools that we have today, we would not be successful.”

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“We moved from month-long deployment cycles to daily deployments […] to 6 data centers worldwide […] We (now) see 4,000 change lists a week, at check-in we run 20K tests and the check-in experience takes about 10 mins.”

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Git hosting

VSTS has everything you love about Git with free private repos. The best topic branch and pull request flow with social code reviews, starting right from your Kanban card.

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“We can bring new products to market more quickly now that we use VSTS. Our adoption has been key in bringing the pace of our software development up to the speed of business.”

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Agile work management

Scrum, managing your backlog, tracking work with Kanban, reporting flow and improving your Agile process. End-to-end traceability across user stories, requirements, code changes, builds, deployments, and the continuous delivery of value. Actionable insights into how each team is performing sprint over sprint and roll-up views of their delivery plans.

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“VSTS has helped us embed a number of agile practices in our development methodology. And because we can deploy our solution in Azure, we now have an effective and efficient way to set up a continuous integration and delivery pipeline.”

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“VSTS provides an end-to-end solution for us, from the inception of an idea in the pub as you write on the back of a beer mat… until we build out our solution and deploy it into a whole heterogeneous area.”

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Test early, test often, release with confidence. You choose the technologies and frameworks, then test your changes continuously in a fast, scalable, and efficient manner. Get end-to-end traceability across all artifacts. Run tests and log defects from your browser. Exploratory testing lets you try user stories without detailed test cases. Log rich and actionable defects.

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“VSTS enabled us to focus our time entirely on the implementation, execution and analysis of a complex test suite without the friction of setting up and managing a test lab.”

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Package Management

VSTS hosts, indexes, and manages your NuGet, npm, and Maven packages seamlessly in the cloud right alongside your source code, builds, and releases. Proxy and cache packages from public sources. Deliver packages in every build. Automatically version your packages alongside your builds. Use release views to communicate package quality. Enable seamless debugging with a VSTS symbol server so your team can easily debug packages as they develop.

Package management with NuGet, npm, and Maven
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“VSTS enables the thousand engineers of Skype, distributed across five locations, to share code packages and work, on a tech stack that spans Linux, Windows, iOS and Android, with Java, JavaScript, C++ and C# [and handles] 2.5 million calls per day.”

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Get rich performance monitoring, powerful alerting, and easy-to-consume dashboards to help ensure your applications are available and performing as you expect. Quickly see if you have a problem, how many customers are affected, and perform a root cause analysis to find and fix the issue. Proactively detect and diagnose role lifecycle issues—recycle, hung, not started—that might affect your applications or cloud services. Efficiently track virtual machine performance alongside application performance data in the same view.

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“Azure Application Insights provides real-time alerts to its developers to help them identify and triage problems as they occur. Application Insights also enables Jet to learn, in real time, how customers are using their application, so they can implement an agile build-measure-learn cycle.”

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Log analytics

Centralize log data from multiple systems in a single data store. Transform your Azure activity data and managed resources data across different subscriptions into actionable insights. Get deeper visibility into your hybrid IT environment including Azure and on-premises resources. Create powerful dashboards using custom search queries to build data visualizations. Define custom fields using on-the-fly field extraction and rich built-in functions.

Screenshot of an overview dashboard
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“We use Azure Security Center to monitor our environment, and with it we can be much more responsive when threats are identified.”

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Get a unified view of security across all of your on-premises and cloud workloads. Automatically discover and onboard new Azure resources, and apply security policies across your hybrid cloud workloads to ensure compliance with security standards. Collect, search, and analyze security data from a variety of sources, including firewalls and other partner solutions.

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“Nuance uses Azure Security Center to manage and monitor individual virtual machines for malware and virus protection. With the Azure Security Center dashboard, Nuance personnel can easily view the security health of each individual node and take proactive and preventive measures to apply security patches and ensure that all nodes are at the latest security patch levels.”

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