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/How do I resend the Assignment Email?
How do I resend the Assignment Email?2017-10-06T13:32:44-07:00

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How do I resend the Assignment Email?

Microsoft Support KB – 4016128

When a subscription has been assigned on the VLSC and the subscriber requests the Assignment Email to be sent to them again, a work around has been identified to retrigger the Assignment Email notification.

In order for the system to generate a new notification, it will be necessary to edit the subscriber’s email information once; and change it back to the original email on the same transaction. This will create an instruction that will automatically retrigger the notification so the subscribers can obtain the Assignment Email again.

Please follow the below instructions to resend the Assignment Email:

1:  Visit the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) and sign-in

2:  From the VLSC Admin pages, click “Subscriptions” and then “Visual Studio Subscriptions”


3:  Click the “Agreement Number” associated with the Visual Studio Subscription



4:  Click the “Down Arrow” on the “Search” bar



5:  Search for the Subscriber using the “Email Address” field



6:  From the “Results List”, click the “Last Name” of the Subscriber



7:  Click “Edit”


8:  Make an edit to the subscription: For example, remove a character from the subscriber’s email address – remove the “m” from .com. Click the “Save” button.



9:  Once the information is saved, click the “Edit” button once again and correct the missing character from the email. Click “Save”.



By doing this, the system will recognize that there were changes on the subscription and resend the Assignment email to the email listed on the portal.

*Note: Newly assigned subscriptions will generate the Assignment Email automatically. The above is only a work around that should be completed in case the users request a new Assignment Email notification or the notification is not sent for any reason.

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