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Agile Tools

Visual Studio Team Services provides you the tools you need to run your agile team.

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Kanban board in Visual Studio Team Services

Kanban boards

Flexible Kanban boards turn your data into visual signboards that can adapt to your process and style. Live updates ensure that everyone on your team can monitor flow and stay connected.


Use the backlog to keep items in the correct order and connected to the right things. Un-paralleled traceability keeps the items on your backlog linked to the epics or scenarios you’re using to drive your business.

screenshot of backlog
Screenshot of Visual Studio Team Services Dashboard


Customizable dashboards help you build tailored views of the data you need. Configure the layout that makes sense for your team, and easily monitor progress through the life-cycle of your project.

Scrum boards

Use built-in scrum boards and planning tools to help your teams run effective stand-ups, planning meetings, and retrospectives.

screenshot of scrum board
screenshot showing code changes

Connect to code

All your code changes are linked directly to the story, bug, or task driving the work. Unparalleled traceability and visibility into your evolving codebase.

Our story

We are an Agile team and use our own products and tools for everything we develop. Learn how we’ve transformed to a world of daily standups, 3-week sprints, customer-first mindset, continuous delivery, and data-driven culture.

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Saving lives when disaster strikes

Humanitarian Toolbox uses VSTS agile tools to deliver crowd-sourced solutions to relief organizations around the world.

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