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Continuous Integration and Delivery

The easy way to set up automated pipelines to build, test, and deploy your code to any platform.

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Deliver better products with CI/CD

High-performing teams practice Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD). VSTS not only automates the build, testing and deployment of your app, it gives you complete traceability to see everything in the build including changes to your code, reviews, and test results. Deliver more value to your users with more frequent deployments of a higher quality.

See how with CI/CD Quickstarts for ASP.NET Core, Node.js, or Java.

Deploy code from anywhere

Connect directly to any Git repository or service including VSTS (Git or TFVC), GitHub, Bitbucket, your private repo, or Subversion. Automatically trigger your pipeline from changes to your code. Build and deploy on your own infrastructure or free Microsoft-hosted Linux, macOS, and Windows agents. Cloud-based load testing lets you test your infrastructure with as much load as you’d like.

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Deploy to any platform

Build your apps using Java, .NET, PHP, Python, Ruby, C++ and many more languages. Deploy your apps to cloud providers such as Azure, AWS, GCP, app stores such as Microsoft, Android, iOS, or Windows and Linux systems. Hundreds of ready-to-use tasks are available to build and deploy any app anywhere. See many ways to build and deploy your applications.

See many ways to Build and deploy your applications.

Continuous delivery to Azure – faster

Get started with Azure DevOps. Configure a full CI/CD pipeline for any Azure app using your own choice of language and app framework in a few simple steps.

Set up your release with built-in tasks for Azure and Azure Stack. Deploy to websites, Service Fabric, Docker container orchestrators, virtual machines, and more. Use our streamlined experience to configure deployment workflows for apps targeting Azure.

Learn more about creating and growing pipelines for Azure apps.

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Deployment to VMs made easy

Deploy to any machine, whether Windows, Linux, cloud-hosted, or on-premises. Deploy apps to VMs that have complex network topology. Perform rolling updates while ensuring high availability of the app.

Orchestrate multi-environment pipelines

Orchestrate release pipelines to automate deployments across multiple environments. Increase your confidence in promoting releases by using approval workflows. Integrate with monitoring and ITSM solutions for automated signals to gate deployments.

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End-to-end traceability

Debug and diagnose problems using the built-in symbol server, logs, and test results. Track the status of releases and deployments, including commits and work items, in each environment. Compile release notes in a jiffy!

Extend and customize

Don’t see a task for your use case? Find it on the Visual Studio Marketplace or build your own.

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