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Git for individuals, teams, and enterprises

Everything you love about Git – plus freeĀ private repos, social code reviews, and more…
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Screenshot of threaded discussions on a pull request.

Get social with powerful code reviews

Get feedback on changes with threaded discussions and comment status. Continuous Integration for each change in a pull request. @mentions for people and work item integration keep everyone up-to-date. Use forks to promote collaboration with Inner Source workflows.

Track your code from idea to release

Create a branch right from your backlog or Kanban board. Easily track the build and release status for your code. Pull requests and commits are automatically linked and appear on work items.

Screenshot of work item with pull requests and commits showing
graphic of extensions for Visual Studio

One solution for your cross platform team

Built-in continuous integration and support for Jenkins and others tools. Powerful integration in Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code. Extensions for Android Studio, Eclipse, IntelliJ, and all other JetBrains IDEs.

Maintain quality with branch policies

Guarantee changes build before they get to master. Limit who can contribute to specific branches. Automatically include the right reviewers for every code change. Enforce best practices with required code reviewers.

graphic of branch policies cycle

Extend, search, report, and more

Free Git Repos

Scale your projects with unlimited free private Git repositories.

Extension Marketplace

Find extensions in our marketplace to integrate with many other services.

Customizable Dashboards

Keep up with your team’s data and the progress of your projects at-a-glance

Branch Updates

View your commits history by pull requests and pushes to understand how code flows and find bad merges.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Leading security with SOC compliance and multi-factor authentication.

Active Directory

Azure Active Directory makes it easy to manage people and permissions, including support for on-prem Active Directory.

Semantic Code Search

Find things fast. Search a single or multiple repositories and based on code constructs like classes, variables, etc.

Web Hooks & API Integration

Build your own extensions using web hooks & REST APIs.

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