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Pricing | Team Foundation Server2019-06-05T15:56:15-07:00

Azure DevOps Server Pricing

Get Azure DevOps Server (formerly Team Foundation Server, or TFS) when you buy Azure DevOps. Includes both the cloud service and the on-premises solution.

Azure DevOps Server Licensing

To license Azure DevOps Server, you’ll need an Azure DevOps license and a Windows operating system license (Windows Server is best) for each machine running Azure DevOps Server, plus a Client Access License (CAL) for each person connecting to Azure DevOps. Client access licenses (CALs) aren’t required for people who just access work items—assign them “Stakeholder” access, which is free.

Extensions to Azure DevOps such as Test Plans, Artifacts, and Self-hosted pipelines require additional purchases. Some Azure DevOps Extensions are included with Visual Studio Enterprise subscriptions and many others are free. Paid extensions can also be purchased monthly; no Visual Studio subscription is required.

Modern Purchasing

No need to make a 3-year purchasing commitment for Azure DevOps—you can pay month-to-month and cancel any time. Here’s how:

  1. Buy at least one Visual Studio subscription for the server license: Visual Studio subscriptions include a server license for Azure DevOps Server, plus an Azure DevOps Server CAL for the subscriber. We now offer month-to-month subscriptions for both Visual Studio Professional ($45/month) and Visual Studio Enterprise ($250/month).
  2. Buy Azure DevOps for CALs. When you buy Azure DevOps users (starting at $6/month), those same users have an Azure DevOps Server CAL and can connect to any Azure DevOps Server or Services used by your organization. If those users also need Azure DevOps extensions like Test Plans or Artifacts, or if you need additional Self-hosted pipelines for your team, you can purchase these through the Visual Studio Marketplace. All Azure DevOps charges are month-to-month. See detailed instructions.
  3. Run Azure DevOps Server in a Windows Server VM on Azure: Windows Server VMs include the Windows Server licensing costs, providing a flexible way for you to choose the right size VM for your Azure DevOps Server performance needs and pay monthly for this usage.

The best part of modern purchasing is that you’re already buying Azure DevOps, so you can move to the cloud when you’re ready.

Migrate Azure DevOps from on-premises to the cloud

Follow the step by step migration guide to import your entire Azure DevOps Server or TFS database so your team can always be on the latest version in Azure DevOps Services and take advantage of the many developer services available.

Step by step migration guide from TFS to VSTS Illustration Graphic

Classic Purchasing

If you prefer to purchase or renew traditional software licenses for Azure DevOps Server, you can place an order through your Microsoft software reseller to get the server licenses and CALs that you need. Typically, this will be the same reseller from whom you purchase Office, Windows Server, SQL Server, and other Microsoft software licenses. If you have not purchased Microsoft software before, we recommend that you find a software reseller locally, and then request the following part numbers:

Azure DevOps Server—new server license: 125-00214 (this is the Open License part number; search for it online)

Team Foundation Server—new Client Access License for one user: 126-00371 (this is the Open License part number; search for it online)

For more details on classic purchasing, please review the Visual Studio licensing white paper.

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