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/Build troubleshooting guidance
Build troubleshooting guidance2018-09-13T15:02:33-07:00

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Build troubleshooting guidance

Run commands locally at the command prompt

It is helpful to narrow whether a build failure is the result of a TFS/VSTS product issue (agent or tasks). Build failures may also result from external commands.

Check the build log for the exact command-line executed by the failing step. Attempting to run the command locally from the command line, may reproduce the issue. It can be helpful to run the command locally from your own machine, and/or log-in to the build machine and run the command as the service account.

For example, is the problem happening during the MSBuild part of your build process (for example, are you using either the MSBuild or Visual Studio Build step)? If so, then try running the same MSBuild command on a local machine using the same arguments. If you can reproduce the problem on a local machine, then your next steps are to investigate the MSBuild problem.

For detailed steps, please see the rest of Troubleshooting Build