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Create rich documents to get your team on the same page

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Distribute information, share knowledge, collaborate

Create and organize content to learn and collaborate with your team members and stakeholders. Use Wiki to explain project objectives, epics, specs, release notes, best practices, or other content to ensure all your team members and stakeholders learn.

Simplified content creation

Use the familiar markdown format to create rich content in Wiki. Add rich formatting, tables, images, and link work items to your Wiki pages and view it in the side-by-side preview pane to ensure the content looks great.

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Easily discover pages

Put your pages in a hierarchical order making it intuitive to find pages under the right category. If Wiki has grown too big, use filters to find a page of interest.

Discover and learn

Quickly and efficiently locate relevant documentation across VSTS projects.

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Advanced functionality – Use the power of Git

VSTS Wiki is powered by a Git repo. If you are well acquainted with Git then you can use familiar Git workflows for branching, branch policies, and pull requests to collaborate with your team and manage page creation workflows.

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