Xamarin Hot Restart2022-01-19T13:45:29-08:00

Xamarin Hot Restart

Coming to your favorite IDE soon

Xamarin Hot Restart increases your productivity during development by enabling you to rapidly iterate on your Xamarin.Forms app. With Hot Restart you can make and debug changes to your app, including multi-file code edits, resources, and references, using a much faster build and deploy cycle.

Whether you are changing a single line of code or trying to find that perfect image resource, Hot Restart quickly pushes new changes to your simulator, emulator, or device without having to build and deploy a new app bundle when possible. And it works alongside XAML Hot Reload so you can change view models and navigation flows with minimal interruption to your workflow.

Xamarin Hot Restart will be available first for Visual Studio 2022 and support iOS apps built with Xamarin.Forms. We will be bringing Hot Restart to Visual Studio 2019 for Mac and Android at a later date.