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Visual Studio and GitHub better together

Use GitHub and Visual Studio to bring your source control and CI/CD workflows closer to your code. GitHub support is now built into Visual Studio.

“I use the new Git integration a lot. It is a simple and clean Git experience!”
– a GitHub user

Seamless integration with GitHub

Authenticate your or GitHub enterprise account to create a repository, and push your first commits to GitHub, all through Visual Studio.

Seamless integration with GitHub screenshot Seamless integration with GitHub screenshot
Clone and code from within the IDE

Clone and code from within the IDE

Browse your GitHub repositories, and clone your repo down to your local machine to start committing and pushing.

Create and push new repos

Take local code and push it to a new repository on GitHub in one step. Visual Studio handles the local and remote repository creation. You can even choose to make the repo completely private.
Create and push new repos

Branching, staging, and committing

Create and switch between branches from the status bar. View your changes, stage the files you want to commit, and make commits with the Git Changes tool window.

Merge and Rebase

Merge or rebase branches after completing features directly from within Visual Studio. You can also choose 
to merge or rebase when pulling, or prune branches when fetching.
Screenshot for resolving conflicts Screenshot for resolving conflicts

Resolve merge conflicts

Visual Studio will recognize merge conflicts right when they occur, and show you the unmerged changes in the Git Changes window. The built-in merge editor takes you through each conflicting change, allowing you to take either the incoming or current side, and shows the result when you accept the merge.

Browse your repository history

Use the Git Repository window to get a full picture of your branches and their history. Select individual commits to see details and file diffs. Some people prefer a to see their diff’s side-by-side and some prefer an inline view. Get both in Visual Studio. This setting persists when it’s changed so you can set it and forget it.
Browse your repository history
screenshot for Integrated CICD workflows with GitHub actions screenshot for Integrated CICD workflows with GitHub actions

Integrated CI/CD workflows with GitHub actions

With Visual Studio Publish you can setup GitHub Actions for ASP.NET Core applications being deployed to Azure with ease. Visual Studio will generate a working GitHub Actions workflow for you with just a few clicks.