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Develop .NET applications on Visual Studio for Mac

Build web, cloud, and native apps for multiple operating systems and devices with C#.

Build web apps with ASP.NET Core.

ASP.NET Core is an open source web framework for building great web apps and services. Build beautiful, responsive, web UIs using Blazor–all with C# instead of JavaScript. Create web APIs and mobile sites, use real-time technologies like WebSockets, and more.

First class .NET tooling

With IntelliSense completions, code fix suggestions, and rich debugging tools to guide you, Visual Studio for Mac delivers a great experience for C#.

Quickly publish your app locally or to the cloud

Publish your .NET app to a folder on your local device or use the built-in tools to make your app available online. Experience seamless publishing from your IDE to Azure.

Integrated Docker support

Visual Studio for Mac provides integrated support for developing and deploying your microservices using Docker containers. Containerize your .NET app by adding support right from the Solution window.

Built for .NET 7

Visual Studio 2022 for Mac offers full support for .NET 7, and C# 10. Experience our fastest .NET release yet, with massive performance gains across the SDK. It’s even optimized for the Apple Silicon (ARM64) chip.

Visual Studio 2022 for Mac

Develop apps and games for iOS, Android, and the web using .NET.

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