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Real-time 3D apps using Unity and Visual Studio for Mac

Unity and Visual Studio for Mac

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Get started with ease

Visual Studio for Mac has Unity integration out of the box and fully-featured support baked in. Download Unity and include Visual Studio for Mac in the installation – the rest is configured for you.

Best-in-class debugging

Build your next game or real-time 3D Unity application with best-in-class debugging, C# support, and productivity tools included in Visual Studio for Mac.

World class 
debugging support

Debug both your editor and game scripts using Visual Studio for Mac’s powerful debugger. Best-in-class debugging tools allow you to:

  • Set breakpoints, including conditional breakpoints.
  • Evaluate complex expressions in the Watch window.
  • Inspect and modify the value of variables and arguments.
  • Drill down into complex objects and data structures.
  • Debug managed DLLs as part of the project.

Improved productivity

Write your Unity scripts in C#, using IntelliSense to maintain speed and precision with autocomplete suggestions for every Unity API message. The MonoBehaviour Scripting Wizard helps to quickly scaffold boilerplate methods and make scripting painless.

Code with confidence

Powerful refactoring, renaming, and Quick Actions let you write more usable code. Produce a healthier code base with Visual Studio for Mac’s integration with Roslyn, Microsoft’s open-source .NET compiler platform.

Customize the environment

Visual Studio for Mac’s integration with the Unity editor means less time spent switching back-and-forth to do simple tasks. As the default C# IDE for Unity projects, you can enjoy Unity-specific productivity enhancements and keep the Unity documentation at your fingertips.