Xamarin on Visual Studio for Mac

Build apps for iOS, Android, macOS, and more with C# and .NET

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Build rich cross-platform native apps

Develop rich native experiences for Android, macOS, iOS, tvOS, and watchOS with first-class support for Xamarin. Use Xamarin to leverage cross-platform hardware acceleration. Your apps will look and feel native because they are.

Access everything you need in one place

Visual Studio for Mac has first-class support for Xamarin development on macOS, with everything you need to build, design, and test stunning, high-performance apps. Stay productive with rich, inline IntelliSense code support for C#. Visual Studio for Mac includes tons of features you expect from your modern IDE, including a sophisticated system based on projects and solutions, along with integrated source control.

Cross-platform API access

Get up and running faster by sharing code across all .NET platforms. Access native APIs from shared code with Xamarin.Essentials. Enjoy more than 50 platform-specific APIs, including powerful hardware features like geolocation, secure storage, sensors, and device information. With a single cross-platform API, you won’t have to spend time writing specific code for each platform.

Use Xamarin.Forms for stunning cross-platform user interfaces

With Xamarin.Forms, you can use C# or XAML to build cross-platform user interfaces for iOS, Android, and macOS. Build apps from a single codebase with our open-source mobile UI framework. Create testable and extensible code for future growth with built-in support for the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern.

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Meet the noteworthy companies and causes being powered by Xamarin today

Developers worldwide–in every type of industry–use Xamarin, .NET, and Visual Studio to build high-performance, native mobile apps. Check out how fellow developers use our products to build great things and solve real problems.