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Visual Studio 2015 FAQ

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I can’t change the installation path


The Visual Studio setup installation path is greyed out.

Resolution 1

This can often be resolved by cancelling the current installation, uninstalling other versions of Visual Studio, if present, and then reinstalling Visual Studio.

If you currently don’t have another version of Visual Studio installed on the machine, then you can use the Visual Studio Uninstaller to uninstall. This program will remove components that can be left behind from an uninstall from the Control Panel. Once that runs and completes, start the Visual Studio installer again.

If you’ve installed pre-release versions of Visual Studio, or another edition of the same release, you may find that you can’t change the installation target directory. You can find instructions on resolving that issue in this Visual Studio Article.

Resolution 2

If you do not want to remove previous Visual Studio versions but still need to change the install location, you can install via command prompt.
To run installer in command line (Admin Mode)
Enter these commands: vs_community_ENU.exe /uninstall /force Then
vs_community_ENU /CustomInstallPath C:\VisualStudio2015  Finally
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