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Installation cache or ISO seems corrupted (error 0x80070643)2017-10-06T13:52:25-07:00

Visual Studio 2015 FAQ

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Installation cache or ISO seems corrupted (error 0x80070643)

If you use an ISO file for your installation of Visual Studio, or if you use a DVD that was burned from an ISO file, the ISO file may become corrupted during the download process. You can verify the integrity of the ISO file by using the Microsoft File Checksum Integrity Verifier tool. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the Microsoft File Checksum Integrity Verifier tool.
  2. During the installation of the tool, you are prompted to provide a directory in which the files are to be extracted. Note the directory for later access. For example, you can extract the files to the following location:
  3. C:\TEMP\fciv
  4. At a command prompt, type the following command, and then press Enter:
    <DIRECTORY_NAME>\fciv.exe -sha1 <ISO_NAME>
  5. In this command, the placeholder <DIRECTORY_NAME> represents the folder to which you extracted the files, and the placeholder <ISO_NAME> represents the path of the Visual Studio ISO file. For more information, see the ReadMe.htm file in the extraction directory.
  6. Verify that the SHA-1 value that is returned by the File Checksum tool matches the expected value. To determine the expected value, examine the folder to which you downloaded the ISO file.
    Note: the expected SHA-1 value is different for each download source.
    Expected SHA-1 Values are located here:

    1. If you downloaded the ISO file from MSDN, the SHA-1 value is provided in the Details” section for each ISO file.
    2. If you downloaded the ISO file from the Download Center, you can find the SHA-1 value by expanding the “Install Instructions” section of the product page.

If the expected SHA-1 value does not match the value that is returned by the File Checksum tool, the ISO file is corrupted. In this case, delete the file, and then download it again.

  • If you obtained the ISO file from a DVD, you can try to download the Visual Studio web installer or ISO file from MSDN or Microsoft Download Center, and then try the installation again.
  • If you purchased the DVD from a retail store, you might also be able to download Visual Studio from the store’s website and then use the license key that was provided together with the DVD to activate Visual Studio. For more information about this process, contact the retail store.

Error during the installation

If the error occurs when you try to repair Visual Studio, your installation cache may be corrupted. To repair the cache, follow these steps:
  1. Close Visual Studio.
  2. Open an elevated command prompt. To do this, click Start, type cmd in the Start search box, right-click cmd.exe in the results list, and then click Run as administrator.
  3. At the command prompt, type the following command, and then press Enter.
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