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Build your Android app in the cloud with Visual Studio App Center

Follow these steps to set up your continuous integration, delivery and feedback pipeline in minutes.

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Step 1. Sign up with App Center at

App Center login screenshot

App Center Login

Step 2. Create a new app

Select “Add new” button -> Add new app. Enter your new app name. Select “Android” as your target OS and “Java” as the language you plan on writing it in.

Add new app button screenshot

Add new button

Screenshot of Add new app dialog box

New App settings dialog box

Step 3. Configure your repository

Select the “Build” service from the sidebar, then select the repository containing the app you want App Center to build.

Once authenticated, App Center retrieves your source code. Select the app you want to build from the list.

Screenshot of repo service selection

Connect a service screen

Step 4. Configure your Build & Distribute

Now your repository is linked, and all the existing development branches are listed. Select the one you want to build and select “Configure Build”.

Make sure to check the toggle for “Sign builds” and either check the box if your gradle settings handle signing or upload your keystore to sign the build to be used for distribution later.

Toggle “Distribute builds”, which will automatically send a download link to you via email once the build is complete. Finally, press “Save & Build” to kick things off.

Screenshot of branch selection

Configure a new build

Configure build button screenshot

Configure build button

Build configuration screenshot

Build configuration settings

Step 5. Install your app

Once the build has run to completion, a successful build will generate an email automatically that is sent to your device with an install link. You have now configured your first mobile app development pipeline with App Center!

Image of your new awesome app on a Android device