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Visual Studio Code for Education

Powering the next generation of developers

A free online computer science education platform for students and teachers built on Visual Studio Code.

Future-ready skills

Develop in-demand technology skills with the same tools and platforms used by industry professionals

Learn to code using real-world tools

Build skills for the workplace

Bring your ideas to life

Visual Studio Code is one of the most popular code editors, used by professionals around the world.

Learn modern technologies and languages like Python and JavaScript that will prepare you for your career.

Visual Studio Code for Education’s sandbox environment allows you to create custom projects and start building your portfolio.

Coding for everyone

Whether you are taking your first steps learning to code or refining your skills, Visual Studio Code for Education can help you reach your goals with inclusive, accessible curriculum and a supportive learning environment.

Code anytime, anywhere

Fun and easy-to-follow lessons

Accessibility built-in

Visual Studio Code for Education is free and completely online, so you can access it across devices and platforms.

Choose from short bite-size lessons of varying difficulty levels, or full courses that include interactive assessments and coding challenges.

With built-in accessibility features like Immersive Reader, zoom, screen reader support and high contrast mode, every student regardless of ability can learn to code.

“VS Code for Education explained things so well and was engaging – it was straightforward to understand, and I wish classes were like this!”
Joshua C.
Student, RMIT University, Australia

Simplified and secure

With no software to install or configure, Visual Studio Code for Education provides a quick and easy learning environment for educators, and prioritizes student data privacy.

Designed for Education


Protecting student data

Master essential coding concepts using Visual Studio Code optimized for learning with integrated content and a streamlined user interface.

Visual Studio Code for Education includes everything you need to immediately start coding – no setup or configuration required.​

At Microsoft, we value, protect and defend student data privacy and school security with rigorous governance practices and a privacy-by-design approach.

Join the conversation

Connect with fellow students and educators in the VS Code for Education Community where you can ask questions, share your instructional approaches, or contribute the next big idea. Let’s shape the future together!