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What our new hires are saying

I’ve used and am familiar with many of the products coming out of DevDiv. I am a remote worker and so for years there were not many options for joining Microsoft. I have spent my 25+ year career in the devtool space and when I saw opening in 1ES, and remote was OK, it was perfect. I love working on devtools and I really wanted a chance to do that in this environment where I can have a closer relationship with my customers.

I worked with a lot of the .NET team in my previous roles, before joining DevDiv. I have thoroughly enjoyed those interactions over the years and I’m a better engineer/PM/open source dev/etc. for it. I know the team members enjoy their jobs, and I see the average tenure. Importantly, the vast majority of the people I’ve worked with are still here. That says a ton to me. The average tenure in DevDiv was one of the big draws for me coming in.

As I joined DevDiv, I was welcomed by a highly inclusive environment that encourages growth and collaboration. Becoming a developer that creates products for other developers has brought meaning to my work and excited a passion that I see shared across the division. The combination of diversity and organized events enables everyone to find their sense of community.

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Most of us expect technical challenges at work but being yourself shouldn’t be one of them. In DevDiv, we focus on diversity and inclusion because it makes us better at what we do. For us, inclusion is how we actively create an environment where every person feels valued, involved, treated fairly, and capable of doing their best work.

We define diversity as the representation of the differences and perspectives that every person possesses. Each DevDiv colleague has a unique perspective that helps us impact our colleagues 
and other developers around the world.

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Diversity & Inclusion

You deserve to be a part of an organization that cares about you as an individual. In DevDiv, we take an action-focused approach to consistently better our culture. In addition to the Microsoft D&I initiatives, DevDiv employee-led efforts include, but are not limited to:

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When I think about diversity I really think about all of these different attributes that helps us build a rich environment to learn from each other and to advance our business together… when I think about inclusion the most important thing is that we want people to feel this is a place they belong… so when we bring people in with all their diverse perspectives, they feel comfortable sharing their perspectives with the rest of the team.

— Julia Liuson,
President of Microsoft’s Developer’s Division

What our employees are saying

I have collaborated closely with several teams in DevDiv before joining and have had a really great impression of the org while working with them. Everyone was very skilled and passionate about their work. Being a user of DevDiv products I see how the skills and passion translates to the product. I have known for a while that DevDiv was a place I would want to work in.

—Software Engineer

I was initially excited about joining DevDiv out of college, because that’s where I saw a lot of the tools and technologies I enjoy using being developed. What I discovered once I was there is how great the culture is! ! People are genuinely nice to work with and they actually care about things like diversity and inclusion.
Through DevDiv events, I’ve been able to make good friends and get involved with groups making a difference in the areas I care about.

—Software Engineer

What we build

In Developer Division, we build the tools, platforms, and services that built Microsoft – and the world. Today, developers everywhere trust and love products such as Visual Studio, VS Code, Azure, and .NET and Python SDKs. We build these products in a work environment that is customer-focused, collaborative, and fun. Join us as we help make developers successful in building the applications of the future.

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