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Visual Studio IntelliCode brings AI assistance directly into
your personal development flow.

Try it in Visual Studio 2022

Code with confidence.

Whole-line autocompletions

IntelliCode helps you drive accuracy and consistency with code completion that can fill in a whole line at once. The AI detects your code context—including variable names, functions, and the type of code you’re writing—to give you the best suggestions. Even better: IntelliCode runs on your machine, ensuring your private code stays private.

Available for C# in Visual Studio 2022.

Available for Python in Visual Studio Code.

More than IntelliSense

IntelliCode puts what you’re most likely to use at the top of your IntelliSense completion list. These time-saving recommendations are based on analyzing thousands of open-source contributions on GitHub. And for some languages, you can even add your own custom methods and code base properties.

Available for Visual Studio 2022: C#, C++, Java, SQL, XAML in Visual Studio 2022.

Available for Visual Studio Code: TypeScript/JavaScript and Python in Visual Studio Code.

Refactoring with ease

Repeated Edits

IntelliCode can detect repetition in your code when you make a local edit. You can then apply those same edits in other places where they might apply—even spotting and replacing changes in your variable names.

Quick Actions

IntelliCode can recognize common coding tasks, recommend the right quick action, and even complete it while you’re typing. Currently supported scenarios include Generate Constructor and Add Parameter to Constructor, with more on the way.