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Visual Studio Preview

Be the first to access the future of Visual Studio

What’s in it for me
Our pre-release gives you early access to the new features not yet in Visual Studio.
Try side by side
Install the Preview right alongside your main release, leaving your production install undisturbed.*

Integrated terminal and flexible tab layout

Visual Studio now features an integrated terminal experience, with profiles available for Developer PowerShell, Developer Command Prompt, and any available WSL distros. The integrated terminal shares most of its core with the Windows Terminal, which results in a more robust terminal experience, and faster adoption of new functionality.
In addition to managing your document tabs on top of the code editor, you can now manage them in a vertical list on either the left or right side the editor.
Screenshot of demonstration of vertical tabs

Release Notes

Performance Profiler

The CPU Usage tool in the Performance Profiler (available via ALT-F2 or from the Debug menu) now automatically displays the “hot path” indicator (red flame) when displaying the Call Tree. This saves a click on common CPU Usage performance investigations.

Screenshot of Performance Profiler

The Performance Profiler now participates in forward/backward navigation in the Visual Studio IDE. As one navigates to various views of tools in the Performance Profiler (available via ALT-F2 or from the Debug menu), navigation points are saved along with other navigation items. One can employ them by clicking the navigation buttons in Visual Studio or invoking the Visual Studio navigation commands.

Release Notes

.NET Core 3.1 projects

You can now create .NET Core 3.1 projects in Visual Studio 2019. Additionally, you can publish worker projects to Azure Container Registry, DockerHub, and more. Visual Studio now has support for adding new Open API & GRPC service references to .NET Core 3.1 projects.

Release Notes

Engage with our community

We believe that to create a great product for you, we should listen to and engage with you in every stage of our development.

As you evaluate what’s next with Visual Studio Preview, report a bug or suggest a feature in our developer community, where you can talk directly to our product engineers. Your feedback empowers us to evolve and ensure the highest quality in our final product.

Developer Community

Try Preview in Azure
Screenshot of creating a virtual machine