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Visual Studio Preview

Visual Studio Preview gives you early access to the latest features and improvements not yet available in the main release. To see what is in the current preview, check out the release notes.

What’s in it for me

Our pre-release gives you early access to the new features not yet in Visual Studio.

Try side by side

Install the Preview right alongside your main release, leaving your production install undisturbed.*

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Free, fully-featured IDE for students, open-source contributors, and individuals.
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Fully-featured IDE for small teams. Best if you have a Visual Studio Professional subscription.
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End-to-end solution for teams of any size. Best if you have a Visual Studio Enterprise subscription.
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Remove unused Reference and simplify LINQ expressions

We have added functionality through the Remove Unused References command, which allows you to clean up unused project references and NuGet packages.

There is also an additional IntelliSense functionality by the added completion for Enum values when a type is known even if the Enum value is not entered.

Screenshot of Remove unused ReferenceRemove Unused References

Release Notes

Enforce CodeStyle on build

The .NET Code Style analyzers can now be enforced on build. You can either install the .NET Code Style analyzers as a NuGet package for C# and Visual Basic or you can enable them in Project Properties.
Screenshot of Enforce CodeStyle on buildEnforce CodeStyle on build

Release Notes

Enhanced Fetch, Pull, and Push action buttons in the Git Changes window

With dropdowns In Git changes window, now you can choose which remote you are targeting, in case you have multiple remotes for your repository. And in the Push dropdown, you can also push all tags that you may have created locally.
Screenshot .NET compiler platform analyzersPush dropdown in Git changes window

Release Notes

New Azure App Configuration Service Connection and publish experience for Steeltoe applications

Connected Services tab now supports Azure App Configuration that lets you centrally manage application settings and feature flags. When you add this service dependency, your code is automatically updated to connect to your App Configuration resource by installing the most up to date NuGet packages and storing your secrets locally or in the Key Vault.

You can now also deploy your Steeltoe applications to Azure Spring Cloud using Visual Studio publish.

Screenshot of connected services app configurationConnected Services App Configuration

Release Notes

Engage with our community

We believe that to create a great product for you, we should listen to and engage with you in every stage of our development.

As you evaluate what’s next with Visual Studio Preview, report a bug or suggest a feature in our developer community, where you can talk directly to our product engineers. Your feedback empowers us to evolve and ensure the highest quality in our final product.

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