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Full-featured integrated development environment (IDE) for Android, iOS, Windows, web, and cloud
The fast, free and open-source code editor that adapts to your needs

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Develop apps and games for iOS, Android, and web using .NET

How to activate your license.

Select your edition after installation. Visual Studio for Mac requires an active internet connection for installation.

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Visual Studio Professional 2019

Improve productivity with professional developer tools and services to build applications for any platform. Please see the Release notes for more information.


Build Tools for Visual Studio 2019

These Build Tools allow you to build Visual Studio projects from a command-line interface. Supported projects include: ASP.NET, Azure, C++ desktop, ClickOnce, containers, .NET Core, .NET Desktop, Node.js, Office and SharePoint, Python, TypeScript, Unit Tests, UWP, WCF, and Xamarin.