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Visual Studio Live Share

Real-time collaborative development

screenshot of Visual Studio Live Share window
Screenshot of 2 people editing code in real time together

No-hassle sharing for any language, any app

It doesn’t matter what type of app you’re building, what language you’re programming in, or what OS you’re on: when you need to collaborate, Live Share will instantly share your project with a teammate. Edit and debug together in real time without teammates needing to clone a repo or set up their environment.

screenshot of Live Share collaboration window

Collaborate from the comfort of your favorite tools

To collaborate you need to convey repro steps, issues, and ideas. Code snippets or error messages aren’t enough to see the whole picture. When you join a Live Share session, you get the full multi-file context of that project in your own familiar, personalized environment, with themes, keybindings, and customizations intact.

Collaboration across your entire development workflow

Visual Studio Live Share in action

screenshot from Live Share video

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