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/Visual Studio Subscriptions Administration
Visual Studio Subscriptions Administration2019-06-18T15:36:56-07:00

Visual Studio Subscriptions Administration

Empower your developer team and grant them access to tools, cloud services, software, training and resources to succeed

Managing subscriptions in the Visual Studio subscriptions admin portal

New to the Visual Studio subscriptions admin portal?

A quick guide on how to onboard to the portal

Done onboarding? Take a quick tour of the portal

Check out our docs for everything about managing your subscriptions

Administrator Tips and Tricks

Learn all the secrets that will enable you to be a great administrator!

Find out why assigning Visual Studio subscriptions is important for your role

Help your subscribers get the most out of Azure

Why do I see Microsoft Accounts for my subscribers?

learn differences in accounts video thumbnail

Learn about the differences in using MSAs (Microsoft Accounts) vs. Work Accounts (Azure AD or O365) and how this may impact your organization

Are you or your subscribers facing issues?

Get help