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/How do I access the new Visual Studio Subscriptions portal?
How do I access the new Visual Studio Subscriptions portal?2018-02-26T12:37:06-07:00

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How do I access the new Visual Studio Subscriptions portal?

In order to access the benefits portal, subscribers may need to update any bookmarks that are currently in place.  Bookmarks pointing to the MSDN Subscription pages should be deleted or updated with the new Visual Studio Subscriptions address (

The Sign-In Experience:

The new Visual Studio Subscription portal now has the capability to support “Work or School” accounts and “Microsoft Accounts”.  Please note, that you may experience sign-in issues depending on how your subscription is configured.


For subscribers who previously used the MSDN experience:

Many of our subscribers are using Microsoft Accounts (Personal).  While your subscription might have been assigned to you by your company, you may still need to use the “Personal” sign-in options.  If you’re having issues accessing your subscription benefits.  Please validate you’re signing in using the correct account type.  To help, subscribers may want to use “In Private” or “Incognito” browsing options to ensure the correct identity option is selected.


For “NEW” subscribers:

New subscribers may have the option of using either “Work School Accounts” or “Personal” accounts.  This is largely dependent on your company, and if any Azure or Office 365 tenants exist.  While we don’t anticipate subscribers having sign-in problems with their Work account, your company configurations may still require you to leverage the Microsoft Account (Personal) sign-in options.  If you run into issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Need Help?

Please use the “Contact Us” menu options below

  • Click “Account, Subscription and Billing Support”
  • From the available “Category” choose “Manage My Account
  • From the available “Category” choose the appropriate “Country”
  • Click the desired support option

You will be directed to the Visual Studio Subscription support team

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