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/Administrator – Signing In with a Personal Account
Administrator – Signing In with a Personal Account2017-10-06T13:32:47-07:00

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Administrator – Signing In with a Personal Account

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brief video has been published to channel 9 to help explain onboarding, and Administrator Management

Please Note:  The Visual Studio subscriptions team is working to keep information flowing through the “Subscriptions-Administration” page.  A full version of the FAQ can also be downloaded here.  We are working on new content, and those artifacts will be available soon.

Overview:  Using a Microsoft Account (MSA), or “Personal account”, has been the standard way to access and manage subscriptions in the Volume Licensing Service Center.  Maintaining access is simple, and will only require your Super Administrator to provide access.

Quick Definitions:

Work or school account:  Likely created by your IT department for business use

Personal Account:  Also known as a Microsoft Account (MSA), this may have been an email address you created (e.g.,,

Note:  In some cases, your account could be both a Work or school account and a personal account.  This happens with a business address passes through the Microsoft Account process.  Some systems, like the Volume Licensing Service Center and MSDN, require a Personal Account type to log in.  If you believe you’ve taken the steps to sign in, but are having trouble, select the “Personal account” option to sign in.

Gaining Access:

For an Administrator to use the “Personal account” sign-in option on the new portal, a few steps must be taken:

  1. The Administrator’s “Sign In” address must be added to the “Administrator’s Group”
  2. Once added to the “Administrators Group”, the new Administrator will receive a Welcome Email
  3. Following the steps in the Welcome Email, or going to will start the sign in process
  4. During the sign in process, the Administrator may see a couple identity options presented
  5. The Administrator should select the “Personal account” option
  6. The “Personal account” option will redirect the Administrator to the Personal Account sign-in page where a password can be entered
  7. Upon successful authentication, the Administrator should now be able to manage subscribers in the new portal

Common Issues:

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Alternatively, please use the “Contact Us” menu below:

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  • From the available “Category” choose “Manage subscriptions for my team”
  • From the available “Category” choose “Visual Studio Subscription (formerly MSDN) – For Your Company”
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  • You will be directed to the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) help page

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