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How can I get the Visual Studio Installation logs?2017-10-06T13:58:29-07:00

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How can I get the Visual Studio Installation logs?

The log collection tool will collect available setup logs from Visual Studio 2017, .NET Framework 4.0, and SQL Server 2016 or newer versions on your computer. Windows event logs are also collected for VSSetup, Windows Installer, and System Restore event sources. If you encounter any setup issues and contact Microsoft Support, you may need to provide these setup logs.

To get the installation logs, download  Microsoft Visual Studio and .NET Framework Log Collection Tool.

Download Collect.exe from the link above. You will need to save the tool first.

  1. Open an administrative console window.
  2. Run Collect.exe from the directory where you saved the tool.

Notes: The tool must be run under the same user account that the failed installation was run under. If you are running the tool from a different user account, set the –user:<name> option to specify the user under whose name the failed installation was run. You may also set –d:<dir> to point to the temp directory where the setup logs are located.

By default, Collect.exe will automatically gather SQL install logs, event log information, computer information and a Windows Installer inventory in addition to product install logs.


The resulting cabinet is created in the %TEMP% directory (IE: C:\Windows\Temp\

Run Collect.exe for additional options and usage information.

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