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/Where can I find ISO Images?
Where can I find ISO Images?2018-10-01T08:48:06-07:00

Visual Studio 2015 FAQ

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Where can I find ISO Images?


You can find all downloads including ISO images on the Visual Studio Download page.

  • Browse to Visual Studio Downloads
  • Access downloads through your subscription
  • Click on Downloads
  • Find the edition of Visual Studio you are looking for and choose the ISO version

Accessing ISO images via Virtual Drives

  • Windows 8 and later versions of Windows natively support ISO files: when you open an ISO file in Windows 8 or later, Windows automatically assigns the file a drive letter and opens it as a virtual drive in Windows Explorer. For Windows 7 and earlier versions of Windows, additional software is required to mount ISOs virtually. The tool Microsoft Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel¬†offers such capability.
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