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Why is the installation taking so long?2020-10-28T13:58:46-07:00

Visual Studio 2015 FAQ

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Why is the installation taking so long?

Visual Studio offers a wide range of supported developer scenarios and workloads for very different scenarios such as mobile, cloud and web development.

A full Installation can take some time due to its package requirements

If you chose to select a Full Installation, Visual Studio downloads and installs more than 30GB of packages and installs multiple third party software including the Android SDK, the JavaDeveloper Kit, and the Windows and Android emulators. In order to reduce time restraints, we encourage you to only select scenarios that apply to your work environment and therefore reduce required package installations.

For the complete list of Custom components, please visit this page.

On a slow Internet connection in particular, downloading packages can take a very long time or even timeout. If your download times out, please try using ISO images as an installation source.

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