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What do I need to do before installing Visual Studio?2018-10-01T09:05:08-07:00

Visual Studio 2015 FAQ

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What do I need to do before installing Visual Studio?

Depending on your requirements and component selection, Visual Studio must manage a complex orchestration of packages, tools and SDK’s. In order to minimize any risk of incompatibility, we recommend going through this quick pre-flight check list to ensure that the underlying operation system can support Visual Studio.

1. Check your operating system and apply latest Windows Updates

Visual Studio requires Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or newer. Please make sure that at a minimum you have Service Pack 1 installed and apply the latest Windows Updates. For more information about system requirements, please find the system requirements below.

2. Run the installer as an Administrator

The Visual Studio installer requires admin rights to install system packages and other dependencies.

3. Check for disk space

Visual Studio requires 4GB of disk space at the minimum. Depending on your selection of workloads, installation packages can grow up to 30GB.

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