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Visual Studio Test Professional Subscription

Drive quality and collaboration throughout the development process.

Quality at the center of your software development

Test case management

Streamline quality delivery

Get access to Azure Test Plans, part of Azure DevOps, available as a managed cloud service or on-premises. Coordinate all test management activities including test planning, authoring, execution, and tracking from a central location, or from Kanban boards with inline quality features. The test hub gives product owners and business analysts critical insight into progress against the defined acceptance criteria and quality metrics.

Screenshot of test case management

Manual and Exploratory Tests

Run, record, and create new tests

Run manual tests and record test results for each test step using a toolset optimized for testers. The web-based test runner enables pass-fail results, tracking of test steps, rich commenting, and bug reporting capabilities.

Screenshot of exploratory testing
Screenshot of Release Management

Continuous testing

Deliver faster with higher quality

Continuous Delivery capabilities in Azure Pipelines, part of Azure DevOps, make it easier to automate deployment and testing of your applications in multiple environments. Teams can author release definitions and automate deployment in repeatable, reliable ways while tracking simultaneous in-flight releases. Incorporate automated functional tests or manual approvals in a release definition to automate the release process all the way to production.

Subscriber benefits

Includes everything a tester needs

With a Visual Studio Test Professional subscription you get the software and benefits you need to stay up on all things code, including access to core Microsoft server software, monthly Azure dev/test individual credits for development and testing in the cloud, collaboration tools, training courses, professional support, and more.