Visual Studio With GitHub Copilot – AI Pair Programming2023-11-28T07:55:28-08:00

Supercharge Visual Studio 2022 with GitHub Copilot

Spend more time on code that matters, with your AI pair programmer.

Code Security and Quality: The AI Advantage

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Focus on solving bigger problems

GitHub Copilot helps create boilerplate and repetitive code patterns to help you spend less time searching.  Write a comment describing the logic you want and GitHub Copilot will suggest code that matches your context & style conventions to implement the solution.

Code confidently in unfamiliar territory

Whether you’re working in a new language or framework, or just learning to code, GitHub Copilot can help you find your way. Tackle a bug, or learn how to use a new framework without spending most of your time spelunking through the docs or searching the web.

Don’t fly solo

Developers all over the world use GitHub Copilot to code faster, focus on business logic over boilerplate, and do what matters most: building great software.

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