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Visual Studio 2022 Launch Event2021-10-12T16:25:05-07:00

Visual Studio 2022 Launch Event

Monday November 8, 2021 | 8:30am PT

X days, X hours, X minutes until the Visual Studio 2022 launch

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Your ideas deserve the best tools

Join us on November 8, for the launch of Visual Studio 2022. Learn about what’s new with Visual Studio, hear tips & tricks from experts, participate in the live Q&As, and be the first to take the latest version for a spin.

Meet our featured Speakers


Welcome to Visual Studio 2022 – by Scott Hanselman and friends

Speakers: Scott Hanselman photoScott HanselmanAmanda Silver photoAmanda SilverAnson Horton photoAnson HortonDavid Fowler photoDavid FowlerKendra Havens photoKendra HavensMark Downie photoMark DownieErika Sweet photoErika SweetKanika Agarwal photoKanika AgarwalOlia Gavrysh photoOlia Gavrysh

Want to learn about the latest and greatest in the 64-bit Visual Studio 2022? Join Scott Hanselman and Visual Studio product team as they take Visual Studio 2022 for a spin.

What’s new for .NET, ASP.NET and Azure developers

Speaker: Angelos Petropoulos photoAngelos Petropoulos

Come join the team building ASP.NET tools to lean all about IntelliCode, Hot Reload, GitHub actions and many more new capabilities in Visual Studio 2022 that empower you to live your best developer life.

Visual Studio 2022 for .NET XAML developers

Speaker: Dmitry Lyalin photoDmitry Lyalin

Desktop developers building apps powered by XAML such as WPF, WinUI 3, .NET MAUI, etc. have many new features that can supercharge their developer productivity. In this end-to-end session, we’ll demo many of these new capabilities such as XAML Designer and code editor improvements, our live editing features XAML Hot Reload and .NET Hot Reload, XAML Live Preview and Data Binding Diagnostic.

Visual Studio 2022 for .NET WinForms developers

Speaker: Olia Gavrysh photoOlia Gavrysh

Building a Windows Forms application? This session is for you. Come join and learn about the new capabilities in Visual Studio 2022 that you can use today with your WinForms applications. From new features like IntelliCode to revamped designers Visual Studio 2022 is a productivity boost.

Build triple A games with C++ in Visual Studio 2022

Speaker: David Li photoDavid Li

Join this session to learn more about how IntelliCode, Hot Reload, and many more new capabilities that make building a C++ game with Visual Studio seamless.

Building cross platform apps with C++ in Visual Studio 2022

Speaker: Erika Sweet photoErika Sweet

Watch this session to learn about the tools in Visual Studio 2022 to manage dependencies and build native, cross-platform applications from Visual Studio or from the command line on Windows, Linux, and Mac. No matter how you build your project, you’ll be ready to leverage Visual Studio’s debugger for remote debugging on Linux and Mac with GDB or LLDB.

Building native Windows applications in Visual Studio 2022

Speaker: Sy Brand photoSy Brand

Watch this session to learn about the new capabilities in Visual Studio 2022 for native Windows applications. With the side by side support in Visual Studio 2022, you can start using Visual Studio 2022 today – without changing a line of your code! This session we’ll also look at the new C++ 20 features that you can use to modernize your application.

What’s new for Git and GitHub in Visual Studio 2022

Speaker: Taysser Gherfal photoTaysser Gherfal

Working with Git? This is the talk for you! Learn about the new capabilities in Visual Studio 2022 that make working with Git repositories a breeze.

Visual Studio 2022 for extension authors

Speaker: Leslie Richardson photoLeslie Richardson

Check out this session to learn how to write your extensions easier and successfully migrate your extensions to VS 2022 for all to enjoy.

Visual Studio for IT administrators

Speaker: Christine Ruana photoChristine Ruana

For all you IT admins out there, come learn how Visual Studio 2022 makes it easier to deploy and update Visual Studio of all versions in your enterprise.

What’s new for Visual Studio 2022 for Mac

Speaker: Jordan Matthiesen photoJordan Matthiesen

Come join this session to learn about all the new capabilities and improvements in Visual Studio for Mac.

Building cross platform apps with .NET MAUI in Visual Studio 2022

Speaker: Maddy Leger photoMaddy Leger

In this talk we’ll take a look at Visual Studio 17.1 Preview and the new capabilities for developers building cross platform apps with .NET MAUI. From mobile apps running on phones to desktop apps, Visual Studio 2022 enables you to build them all from one place with one codebase.

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