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Collaborate | Visual Studio2020-08-28T11:29:34-07:00

Collaborate on code

Easily work together, in any way you need

graphic for flexible version control

Flexible and extensible version control

Distributed or centralized, with extensions

Use Git for distributed version control or Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) for centralized version control. Add GitHub, AnkhSVN, and other extensions to enhance the experience.

Powerful Git support

Git commands built in

Quickly clone your code from an online repo on GitHub, Azure DevOps, or elsewhere. Create repositories and manage Git through changes and committed code in the IDE.

History graph screenshot
Screenshot of various links for seamless workflow

Seamless workflow integration

Links to tasks, bugs, stories, pull requests, and builds

Wondering if that bug was fixed in production? Associate bugs and tasks to the code to know whether or not the bug fixed last week is going out in today’s release. All without leaving Visual Studio.

Easy repo management

Multiple accounts in one place

Switching between multiple Microsoft, work, and school accounts is easy. Add all your accounts to Visual Studio and access the resources without having to sign in to each separately.

Multiple account login screenshot
CodeLens code map screenshot

In-context collaboration

Code history at your fingertips

Understand how the code has changed, without leaving the editor. Find references, linked bugs, work items, code reviews, and more without leaving the editor, thanks to CodeLens.

Work together in real time

Use Live Share to connect to the sessions of your co-workers. Get to the bottom of an issue fast by allowing your team to navigate, set break points, and type in your editor session.

Screenshot of 2 users editing the same code section

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