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Visual C++ Cross-Platform Mobile

Develop iOS, Android, and Windows applications using one development environment

Write once target all

C++ is a great language for mobile app development

Migrate existing C++ libraries to target Android, iOS, and Windows platforms or use these C++ libraries to build complete Xamarin Android Native, Java Native Interface, or iOS applications. You can also develop complete Android Native-Activity applications all within Visual Studio.

graphic for operating systems that work with C++
Screenshot of cross-platform mobile templates options


Code templates and samples to help you build common app features

Choose from a variety of cross-platform mobile templates under Visual C++ to get a head start on your cross-platform needs.

Co-development with Xcode

Seamlessly develop your iOS application in Visual Studio and Xcode

Import your existing iOS application from Xcode into Visual Studio. When your iOS application requires non-C++ changes (storyboarding, UI design), easily open your project in Xcode. Once the changes are complete, Visual Studio takes care of reloading the project and you can continue developing your C++ code.

Codevelopment with XCcode
screenshot of MDD build and run

Build and run

At your fingertips

Leverage popular Ant, Gradle, Clang/GCC based toolchains to build Android and iOS native binaries. Easily add new files, use property pages to fine-tune compiler settings for building, debugging, and optimizing your cross-platform binary. You can also use advanced features like pre-compiled headers to speed up build times.

Powerful coding tools

IntelliSense, refactoring, and browsing

Gain unparalleled productivity in Visual Studio with full editing, browsing, and refactoring experiences in a unified manner across shared cross-platform code. Make use of cross-platform IntelliSense for viewing platform APIs and validating code without building for specific platforms.

Powerful coding tools
Share code

Share code

Reuse your existing C++ libraries

Make use of the shared project structure for sharing cross-platform mobile code within a single solution with a thin layer of platform-specific code that allows you to easily build, debug, and deploy your cross-platform applications

Robust debugging

Debug locally and remotely, on emulators and devices

Use the powerful Visual Studio debugging experience to debug Java and native cross-platform binaries. Set breakpoints, evaluate expressions, watches, or leverage Natvis visualizations when debugging cross-platform binaries on emulator and devices. Additionally, Android developers can also debug externally built application package files without moving everything to Visual Studio.

Robust debugging