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Code more productively with tools and extensions in the latest Visual Studio

Code like Scott

Scott shows you his coding set-up, including Live Unit Testing, customizing his cursor, and Diagnostic Tools. He also shows how Cloud Explorer works with the Azure Portal.

Save time debugging

Leslie shows how you can save time debugging with the new Search feature for the autos, locals, and watch windows in Visual Studio 2022.

Saved Window layouts

We’re introducing ways that make Visual Studio more flexible so you can learn, navigate, and write code the way you want to. We’ve introduced new custom themes and flexible document management capabilities, like color tabs.

Default keyboard shortcuts

Configure keyboard shortcuts: Tools >Options>Environment>Keyboard

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Visual Studio SearchCtrl+Q
Go to AllCtrl+T or Ctrl+,
Go to Type / File / Member / SymbolCtrl+1+T/F/M/S
Navigate Backward / ForwardCtrl+-/Ctrl+Shift+-
Go to definition / Peek to definitionF12/Alt+F12
Go to ImplementationCtrl+F12
Go to Next ErrorCtrl+Shift+F12
Go to Next / Previous Result in ListF8/Shift+F8
Quick Actions / Refactoring SuggestionsAlt + or Ctrl+.
Method infoCtrl+K,Ctrl+I
Comment / UncommentCtrl+K,Ctrl+C/Ctrl+K,Ctrl+U
Delete line (without copying)Ctrl+Shift+L
Paste from clipboard buffer ringCtrl+Shift+V
Move code Up / DownAlt+/
Format Document / SelectionCtrl+K,Ctrl+D/Ctrl+K,Ctrl+F
Surround with (…if/try/for each)Ctrl+K,Ctrl+S
Encapsulate fieldCtrl+R,Ctrl+E
Remove and sort usingsCtrl+R,Ctrl+G
Extract MethodCtrl+R,Ctrl+M
Previous/Next Subword Ctrl+Alt+/
Add caret to next/all matchShift+Alt+./;
Debug / Run / StopF5/Ctrl+5/+Shift+5
Toggle breakpointF9
Step overF10
Step intoF11
Step outShift+F11
Debug all tests / Run all testsCtrl+R,Ctrl+A/Ctrl+R,A
Restart Debugging Ctrl+Shift+F5
Clears all of the breakpoints in the project Ctrl+Shift+F9
Enables or disables the breakpoint on the current line of code. The line must already have a breakpoint for this to workCtrl+F9
Opens the New Breakpoint dialog Ctrl+B
Displays the Breakpoints window Ctrl+Alt+B
Sets temporary breakpoint F9+Shift+Alt,T
Displays the processes dialog. Ctrl+Alt+P
Run to Cursor Ctrl+F10
Set Next Statement Ctrl+Shift+F10
Open Solution ExplorerCtrl+Alt+L
Open Output windowCtrl+Alt+O
Open Error listCtrl+,E
Open Team ExplorerCtrl+,Ctrl+M
Open BreakpointsCtrl+Alt+B
Next / Previous tool windowAlt+F6/Shift+Alt+F6
Close current tool windowShift+esc
Go to document to the left / rightCtrl+Alt+pgUp+PgDn
Open document: Most recent / Least recentCtrl+tab/Ctrl+Shift+tab
Keep preview window openCtrl+Alt+
Full screen (max window size / reduced menus)Shift+Alt+

Extensions and integrations

Stay comfortable with our most popular productivity add-ons

GitHub Extension
GitHub Extension
2.4M installs

A Visual Studio Extension that brings the GitHub Flow into Visual Studio.

Productivity Power Tools 2017/2019
Productivity Power Tools 2017/2019
Power Tools
74K installs

Installs the individual extensions of Productivity Power Tools 2022.

Visual Studio Theme Pack
Visual Studio Theme Pack
Visual Studio Theme Pack
81K installs

Collection of popular themes, now available for Visual Studio.

Visual Assist
Visual Assist
Visual Assist
1.3M installs

Improves navigation, refactoring, code generation, and coding assistance along with specific tooling for UE4.