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Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview

Join us in shaping the best Visual Studio for Mac yet

A fast & fluid experience, for every developer

Visual Studio 2022 for Mac brings a new, fully native macOS UI built on .NET 7, plus native support for the Apple M1 chip. We’ve also included more than 100 performance improvements based on feedback from real developers. It all adds up to faster, more fluid daily coding time for you.

Hand-tailored for the Mac

Visual Studio 2022 for Mac fully embraces the look and feel of the macOS experience, using native windows and controls throughout the IDE, a new dark mode, full-screen support, Voice Control and VoiceOver integration.

Modern web and cloud development with .NET 7

Visual Studio 2022 for Mac offers a great experience for web and cloud developers who use .NET 7 and ASP.NET Core. We’ve included nearly everything you’ll need, from responsive C# web UIs in Blazor to event-driven solutions using Azure Functions.

What’s new

Learn more about the work the team has been doing in this release.

Future releases

Get a high-level overview of the key capabilities and features coming to Visual Studio 2022 for Mac.

Tell us how it’s going

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