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Visual Studio 2019:the cloud-connected development environment

Visual Studio does more when you connect it to the cloud

Illustration of Stay up to date

Stay up to date

Visual Studio 2019 will notify you of updates to the development environment and installed extensions. We’ll automatically download updates in the background, so you stay focused on your code. Stay informed with the latest developer news in the Visual Studio Installer

Code more efficiently

Collaborate seamlessly

Get real-time presence info and collaborate instantly with Live Share. Work with GitHub and Azure DevOps repos, manage pull requests, and do code reviews directly from within Visual Studio. Use integrated features like CodeLens to find out about changes your team makes to code.

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Integrate with Azure

Integrate with Azure

See how Visual Studio 2019 helps you develop, test and troubleshoot cloud applications with ease. We’ll show you how to use these tools to the fullest when building web apps, background tasks, serverless functions, and more, both locally and in the cloud.

Learn about Azure